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Dr. Finley is Available for:

Supply Preaching


Soul Winning Commitment Day
Special Events
Winter Bible Studies

Personal Evangelism training
Retreats for youth, adults, deacons, and couples.
Youth Rallies

True Love Wait Commitment Rallies

Consultation in Church Evangelism Strategy
Consultation in Student Ministry

Please contact via email at or call (417) 343-8019.

Saturday, September 5, 2009



Member Gezer Archaeological Survey, Tel Gezer, Israel.
Guest Speaker in India High School
Guest Speaker in Romanian High Schools,
Plenary Session Co-Host, 14th Baptist Youth World Conference, Hong Kong.
Bible Study Leader, 13th Baptist Youth World Conference, Houston, TX.
Steering Committee member, 13th Baptist Youth World Conference
Teacher, Canadian Baptist Theological Seminary, Calgary, Canada,
Teacher, Building An Evangelistic Youth Ministry Seminar, Vancouver, Canada,
Speaker, Youth Evangelism Conference, Queensland, Australia,
Group Coordinator, 10th Baptist Youth World Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Teacher, National Evangelism Conference, Puerto Rico,
Share Group Leader, International Retreat, KY.
Core Group Leader, 8th Baptist World Youth Congress, Portland, OR.


New Zealand,
Puerto Rico,
South Korea,


List of College Speaking Engagements

College Speaking Engagements:
Seminars, Chapel Speaker, Etc.

Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, MO.
Southwest Baptist University, Bolivar, MO.
California State Polytechnic University, San Louis Obispo, CA.
California State University, Fresno, CA.
Texas A&M College, Bryant, TX.
McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA.
Northwest State University, Natchitoches, LA.
Ball State University, Muncy, IN.
John Wesley College, Jackson, MI.
Purdue University, Lafayette, IN.
Iowa State University, Ames, IA.
Illinois State University, Normal, IL.
University of Illinois, Oak Park, IL.
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL.
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WN.
Central Missouri State University, MO.
Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL.
Carson-Newman College, Jefferson City, TN.
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY.
Chowan College, Murfreesboro, NC.
Brevard Community College, Cape Canaveral, FL.
Florida Tech University, Orlando, FL.
Marshall University, Huntington, W.VA.
Eastern New Mexico University, Portales, NM.
United States Military Academy, West Point, Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY.
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.
University of Pacific, Stockton, CA.
Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond, KY.
Jackson Community College, Jackson, MI.
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO.
School of the Ozarks, Branson, MO.
Northeast Missouri State University, Kirksville, MO.
Missouri Southern College, Joplin, MO.
Ohio State University, Columbus, OH.
Southwestern Ohio University, Miamisburg, OH.
Middle Tennessee State, Murfreesboro, TN.
Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN.
University of Tennessee Sciences, Memphis, TN.
Henderson State University, Arkadelphia, AR.
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.
Ouachita Baptist University, Arkadelphia, AR.
Campbellsville College, Campbellsville, KY.
Appalachian State University, Boone, NC.
Shorter College, Rome, GA.
Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, OK.
Missouri Baptist College, St. Louis, MO.
Mississippi College, Clinton, MS.
Mary-Hardin Baylor, Temple, TX.
Belmont College, Nashville, TN.
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL.
Clear Creek Baptist School, Pineville, KY.
Mississippi Delta Junior College, Moorhead, MS.
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH.
Auburn University, Auburn, AL.
Missions 90, Student Conference, Ft. Worth, TX.


History of Speaking Engagements

Special Speaking Engagements: (R)=Revival, (P)=Preach, (S)=Seminar, (C)=Camp


State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P),
Associational Youth Evangelism Training, (S)
State SuperSummer Conference, (S)
Summer Youth Celebration, Schoco Springs (P,S)
National Acteen Conference, (S)

State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P),

Light House Mission, Phoenix, (P),
Indian Camp, Paradise Valley Baptist Ranch, Prescott, (C),
State Youth Evangelism Conference,(P),
National Church Growth Conference, (S),
State Youth Evangelism Camp, (P),

SuperSummer, Arkadelphia, (S),
State Church Training Camp, Silom Springs, (P),
State Sunday School Youth Camp, Silom Springs, (P),
State Youth Conference, (P),

State Youth Conference, Fresno, (P, S),

State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P),
State Youth Camp, (P),
CrossQuest (S), Copper Mountain,
Regional Student Evangelism Conference, (S), Daytona Beach
SuperSummer Conference, (S),
Spring Beach Blitz, (S), Daytona Beach
Spring Beach Witness, (S), Jacksonville Beach
War Games Conference (S) Orlando
Super Summer Leadership Retreat (P) Lake Yale

National Youth Ministry Conference, (S), Atlanta,
SuperWOW Leadership, (S), Jekyll Island,
South Metro Associational Youth Rally, Morrow
State Singles Conference, (P),
State Youth Ski Spree, (P),
Noonday Associational Leadership Training, (S),
National Soul Winning Conference, (S),
Shorter College Impact Team Training, (S),
Wide Area Youth Ministry Conference, (S),

Youth Evangelism Conference, (P), Honolulu,
Fall Youth Celebration Conference, (S),
State Evangelism Conference, (P,S),

National School of Evangelism, (S),
State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P),
Baptist Student Union Convention, (P),
Student Evangelism Conference, (P),
Allies Student Rally, Granite City (P)

State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P),
Associational Youth Evangelism Training, (S),

Acts 1:8 Conference, (P),
Associational Youth Evangelism Training, (S),
State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P),
State Super Summer Conference, (P),

State Youth Evangelism Conference, (S, P),
International Student Conference, (S),
Southern Seminary, Missions Conference, (S),
Greenup Association Youth Evangelism Crusade, Ashville, (P),
Federal Correctional Institution, Lexington, (P),
Taylor County Jail, Campbellsville, (P),
State Youth Ministers Association, (S),
State Evangelism Conference, (P,S),
National Acteen Conference (S)

State Youth Evangelism Emphasis, (S),
State Evangelism Conference, (S),
Regional Student Evangelism Conference, New Orleans Seminary, (P,S),
State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P),
CrossSeekers Conference, New Orleans,

State Youth Retreat, (P,S),

National Markertplace Evangelism Conference, (S),

State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P),
Baptist Student Union Convention, (S),
Associational Youth Evangelism Training, (S),

Associational Youth Evangelism Training, (S),
Youth Missions Conference, (P),

Ridgecrest on the River, (S,P) St. Louis,
State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P), Springfield,
Youth Night, State Evangelism Conference, (P), St. Louis,
Youth Develop Weeks I and II, Windermere, (P,S)
SuperSummer Adult School, (S), Bolivar Independence
State Regional Bible Conference, Springfield, (S),
Student Leadership Training Conference, Windermere, (S,P),
Baptist Student Union Convention, (P),
Kirksville Divisional Baptist Youth Camp, (P),
City Jail, Jackson, (P),
Big Mac, (S),
Glorieta in the Ozarks, (P), (S),
State Collegiate Conference 1974 (P) (S)

State Evangelism Conference, (P,S),

State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P),
State Evangelism Conference, (P,S) 1995

New Mexico
Student Week, Glorieta, (P),
National Spiritual Awakening Conference, (S),
National School of Evangelism, (S),

New York
New England State Evangelism Conference, Syracuse, (S),

North Carolina
Centrifuge (S), Ridgecrest,
Winter Youth Celebration, (P), Ridgecrest,
Chowan Associational Youth Rally, (P),
Buncombe Baptist Associational Youth Rally, (P),
SuperSummer, (P, S)
State Youth Evangelism Conference, (S)
National Mass Evangelism Conference, (S), 1990
SonRise Ridgecrest, (S), (Five Years)

State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P), Columbus,
Associational Youth Evangelism Conference, (S),
State Youth Evangelism Camp, (P),
State Associational Leadership Training Conference, (S),

World Baptist Youth Congress, (S) Core Leader,
State Evangelism Conference, Portland (P,S)


Bible Study Leader, Falls Creek, (C)

State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P),
State Evangelism Conference, (P,S),

South Dakota
State Evangelism Conference, (P,S),

South Carolina
South Carolina Baptist Recreation And Youth Minister Association, (S),
Summer Salt, State Youth Evangelism Week, (P),
Summer Salt, Plus, State Youth Evangelism Week, (P),
State Evangelism Conference, (P),

State Student Conference, (P,S),
Chapel Baptist Sunday School Board, (P),
Associational Youth Evangelism Conference, (S),
State Evangelism Conference, (P),
State International Student Retreat, (P),
National High School Baptist Young Men's Rally, (S), (Four Years)
National Youth Ministry Conference 3, (S), (Two Years)
National Mass Evangelism Conference, (S),
State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P),
Watauga Baptist Association Youth Rally, (P),
Chilly Pepper Conference, (P),

SuperSummer Leadership School, (S), (Two years)
SuperSummer Preparation Training, (S),
National Acteens Conference, (S), (Three years)
Missions 90, National Student Conference, (S),
Super Summer, Joy Explosion, (P,S),
Glorieta in the Triangle, (S), (Two Years)
Southern Baptist Convention, Dallas,
Baptist World Youth Conference, Houston,

Associational Youth Evangelism Conference, (S),
State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P),
Southern Baptist Convention, Salt Lake City,

Associational Youth Evangelism Conference, (S),
State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P,S), (Three years)
Youth 200 State Youth Leaders Training (S,P)

State Youth Evangelism Conference, Yakama, (P, S)
State Youth Evangelism Conference, Seattle, (P,S)

West Virginia
State Youth Evangelism Conference, (P), (Two years)
State Associational Leadership Training, (S),
State Evangelism Conference (P,S), (Two years)

State Youth Evangelism Conference,


Tuesday, August 11, 2009


2008 – 2010 Board Chairman, Christian Educators Association International, 6,000 Public School teachers as members, $800,000 Annual Budget
2008 – 2011 Board President, National Collegiate Alumni Board, $750,000 Endowment
2005 – 2007 Board Member, Building Committee, First Baptist Church, Springfield, MO. $1,200,000 building project.
2005 – 2008 Board Member, National Alumni Board, Collegiate Ministries, $750,000 Endowment
2007 – 2008 Board Vice-President, Christian Educators Association International, 6,000 Public School teachers as members, $800,000 Annual Budget
2004 – 2007 Board Member, Christian Educators Association International, 6,000 Public School teachers as members, $800,000 Annual Budget
2005 - 2008 Board Member, Sports Crusaders, $350,000 Annual budget.
1996 – 2010 Board Member, Springfield BSU Alumni and Friends Association.


2009 - Present Professor Bryan College, Springfield, MO.
2008 - Present Math Teacher, Greenfield High School, Greenfield, Missouri
2007 - Present Professor, Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA.
2006 - Present Professor Rockbridge Seminary, Springfield, Missouri.
2005 - Present Professor (Philosophy) Ozark Technical Community College, Springfield, MO.
2001 - Present Professor (Religion) Missouri State University, Springfield, Missouri.
1996 Instructor, (Working with High School Students), Southern Seminary,
1987 Contract Teacher, (R.E. 640210) New Orleans Baptist Seminary, Atlanta, GA.
1985 - 2000 Visiting Instructor, Continuing Education Courses, Youth Courses
New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, New Orleans, LA.
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Ft. Worth, TX
Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, San Francisco, CA.
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY.
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO.
Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC.
Canadian Baptist Seminary, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada
1979 - 1982 Instructor, (Psychology) Campbellsville College, Campbellsville, KY.
1979 - 1982 Garret Fellow, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY.
1977 - 1978 Supply Faculty, (Religion) Missouri State University, Springfield, MO.
1976 - 1977 Substitute Teacher, (Math) Louisville Public School System, Louisville, KY.


Ph.D., 1985, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

M.Div., 1979, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

M.A., 1979, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

B.S. in Education (Math and Philosophy),1974, Missouri State University

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Church Engagements
(R)=Revival, (P)=Preach,
(S)=Seminar, (C)=Camp

Parker Memorial Baptist, Anniston (R)
Dawson Memorial Baptist, Birmingham (P)
Dalraida Baptist, Montgomery (P)
New Haven Baptist, Anniston (S)
Canaan Baptist, Bessimar (P)
Shades Crest Baptist, Birmingham (S,P)
Ridgecrest Baptist, Montgomery (S)
Eastmount Baptist, Montgomery (S)
Bethel Baptist, Oden (P)

Faith Baptist, Anchorage (R)
First Baptist, Anchorage (P)
First Baptist, Jueno, (S)

First Baptist, Phoenix (R,P)
First Indian Baptist, Phoenix (P)
Paradise Hills Baptist, Phoenix (P)
North Phoenix Baptist, Phoenix (P)
First Baptist, Fountain Hills (P)
First Southern Baptist, Flagstaff (R)

Park Hill Baptist, N. Little Rock (C)
First Baptist, Little Rock (S)
First Baptist, Geyer Springs (S)
Immanuel Baptist, El Dorado (P)

Trinity Baptist, Taft (P, R)
Tupman Baptist, Tupman (P)
First Baptist, Wasco (R)
Valley Achers Baptist, Valley Achers (P)
First Baptist, Maricopia (P)
Trinity Baptist, Fresno (P)
First Southern Baptist, San Louis Obispo (R)
First Baptist, Carpinteria (P,R)
Foxworthy Baptist, San Jose (P)
Bethal Baptist, Stockton (R)
Calawa Baptist, Fresno (P)
First Southern Baptist, Fresno (S)
First Southern Baptist, Ventura (R)
Stine Road Baptist, Bakersfield (P)

Circle Drive Baptist, Colorado Springs (P)

First Baptist, Merrit Island (P)
Calvary Baptist, Daytona Beach (P)
Riverside Baptist, Ft. Meyers (S)
Forest Hills Baptist, Tampa (S)
Silver Beach Baptist, Daytona Beach (P)
Westside Baptist, Gainesville (P)
First Baptist, Jacksonville Beach (P,S)
Trinity Baptist, Smyrna (R)
First Baptist, Dalton (R)
Roswell Street Baptist, Marietta (S)
First Baptist, Columbus (R)
Ash Street Baptist, Forrest Park (P)
First Baptist, Fayetteville (R, P)
Mars Hill Baptist, Atlanta (P)
Parkwood Hills Baptist, Atlanta (R, P)
First Baptist, Lilburn (P, C)
First Baptist, Snellville (R)
Central Baptist, Waycross (P)
Prays Mill Baptist, Douglasville (P)
Mount Zion Baptist, Snellville (P, R)
White Oak Hills Baptist, Stone Mountain (P)
Pine Lake Baptist, Stone Mountain (P)
First Baptist, Redan (P,S)
Sunset Hills Baptist, Douglasville (P,R)
County Line Baptist, Lithia Springs (R)
First Baptist, Mountain Park (R)
Pleasant Hill Baptist, Duluth (P,R)
Davis Chapel Baptist, Austell (P)
First Baptist, Toccoa (R)
First Baptist, Conyers (P)
Liberty Baptist, College Park (R)
Mars Hill Baptist, Watkinsville (P)
Peadmont Baptist, Marietta (P)
First Baptist, Ellaville (P)
Calvary Baptist, Savannah (R)
DeVotie Baptist, Experiment (P)
Pleasant Grove, Americus (P)
Mount Carmel Baptist, Demerist (P)
First Baptist, Morrow (P)
First Baptist, Douglasville (P)
Indian Creek Baptist, Stone Mountain (S)
Shady Grove Baptist, Marietta (R)
First Baptist, Roswell (P)
Glen Forest Baptist, Mableton (P)
First Baptist, Mableton (S)
Briarcliff Baptist, Atlanta (P)
Prince Avenue Baptist, Athens (P)
Hull Baptist, Hull (P)
Burnt Hickory Baptist, Marietta (P)
Columbia Drive Baptist, Decator (R,P)
First Baptist, Marietta (P)
First Baptist, Loganville (P)
Hilton Terrace Baptist, Columbus (S)
McLand Baptist, Powder Springs (P)
Baptist Tabernacle, Atlanta (P)
Crestview Baptist, Marietta (P)
First Baptist, Hampton (S)
First Baptist, Tucker (P)
Oak Hill Baptist, Lawrenceville (P)
Bellevue Baptist, Macon (R)
Central Baptist, Lawrenceville (R)
Eastside Baptist, Marietta (P)
Peach Crest Baptist, Decatur (P)
Tabernacle Baptist, Cartersville (S)
Calvary Baptist, Marietta (P)
Shadowbrook Baptist, Suwanee (P)
Fortified Hills Baptist, Smyrna (P)
New Victoria Baptist, Woodstock (P)
Stonecrest Baptist, Woodstock (P)
Hopewell Batpist, Woodstock (P)
Toonigh Baptist, Lebanon (P)
South Cherokee Baptist, Woodstock (P)
First Baptist, Smyrna (S)

Kihei Baptist Chapel, Kihei, Maui (S)
First Baptist, Pearl City, Oahu (S)
Kinoole Baptist, Hilo, Hawaii (S)
Mililani Baptist, Mililani (S)
Olivet Baptist, Honolulu (P)
Nuuanu Baptist, Honolulu (P,S)

Victory Baptist, Nampa (R)
First Southern Baptist, Caldwell (S)

Glenfield Baptist, Glenview (R)
First Baptist, Fairview Heights (S)
Clarendon Hills Baptist, Clarendon (S)
First Baptist, New Lenox (R)

Gary Baptist, Gary (P)
Broadway Baptist, Princeton (P)
First Baptist, Mooresville (R)
Memorial Baptist, Brownsburg (P)

Temple Baptist, Mason City (R)
First Baptist, Iowa City (P)
Grand Avenue Baptist, Ames (P)

First Southern Baptist, Cherryville (R)
Bel Air Baptist, Salina (P,S)

Shively Baptist, Louisville (R)
Shively Heights Baptist, Louisville (P)
Central Street Baptist, Lexington (P)
Broadway Baptist, Lexington (P)
Rockford Lane Baptist, Louisville (P)
Chapel Park Baptist, Louisville (P)
Bicknell Baptist, Louisville (P)
First Baptist, Oak Grove (P)
Third Baptist, Owensville (P)
Green River Memorial, Green River (P, R)
First Baptist, Mayfield (R)
Pleasant View Baptist, Waynesburg (P)
Rose Hill Baptist, Ashland (P)
Palestine Baptist, Campbellsville (P)
Campbellsville Baptist, Campbellsville (P)
Third Baptist, Owensboro (P)
Pollard Baptist, Ashland (P)
Bethlehem Baptist, Louisville (P, S)
Walnut Street Baptist, Louisville (C)
Valley Creek Baptist, Elizabethtown (C)
West Broadway, Louisville (P)
Highview Baptist, Louisville (P)
Lynn Acers Baptist, Louisville (P)
Cedar Creek Baptist, Bardstown (P)
Farmdale Baptist, Louisville (P)
Jefferson Street Chapel, Louisville (P)
First Baptist Church, Oak Grove (P)
Goose Creek Baptist, Greensburg (P)
Harrisburg Baptist, Harrisburg (C)
First Baptist, Bowling Green (S)
Second Baptist, Hopkinsville (S)
Severens Valley Baptist, Elizabethtown (P,S)

Trinity Baptist, Lake Charles (R)
First Baptist, Maplewood (P)
Sale Street Baptist, Lake Charles (P)
Winbourne Ave Baptist, Baton Rouge (R)
Calvary Baptist, Alexandria (S)
First Baptist, Metairie (S)
Gentilly Baptist, New Orleans (P)
Williams Boulevard, New Orleans (S)
First Baptist, Kenner (P)
Summer Grove, Shreveport (S)
Ridge Avenue, W. Monroe (R)
First Baptist, W. Monroe (R)

Immanuel Baptist, Sykesville (C)

Gorm Street Baptist, Jackson (R)
First Baptist, Dewitt (R)
Calvary Baptist, Jackson (R)
WestSide Baptist, Flushing (P)

Calvary Baptist, Topelo (P)
Meadowood Baptist, Amory (S)

First Baptist, Springfield (C,P, S,R)
First Baptist, Mountain Grove (R)
Plato Baptist, Plato (R)
Warrenton Baptist Church, Warrenton (R)
Robberson Prairie Baptist, Willard (P)
Hamblin Memorial Baptist, Springfield (P)
Jefferson Avenue Baptist, Springfield (R)
First Baptist, Jackson (R,C)
Pleasant Hope Baptist, Pleasant Hope (R)
Center Point Baptist, Steelville (R)
Zion Baptist, Jasper (R)
First Baptist, Willow Springs (R)
Mentor Baptist, Springfield (P)
College Street Baptist, Springfield (P, R)
First Baptist, Seneca (R)
Riverdale Baptist, Nixa (P)
West Finley Baptist, Ozark (P)
Prospect Baptist, Prospect (P)
First Baptist, Ava (P, R)
Macedonia Baptist, Springfield (P, R)
New Home Baptist, Halltown (P, R)
Wildwood Baptist, Joplin (R)
First Baptist, Clever (P, S)
North Star Baptist, Strafford (P)
Bass Chapel, Fair Grove (P, R)
Glenstone Baptist, Springfield (P, R)
Patterson Heights Baptist, Anderson (P)
First Baptist, Desloge (P, R)
Novinger Baptist, Novinger (R)
First Baptist, Nixa (R)
First Assembly of God, Bonne Terre (P)
First Baptist, Battlefield (P, R)
First Baptist, Stover (R)
University Heights Baptist, Springfield (P)
First Baptist, Lampe (R)
Second Baptist, Springfield (P, S)
Grant Avenue Baptist, Springfield (P, R)
Red Bridge, Kansas City (P)
Glendale Baptist, Springfield (P, R)
First Baptist, Poplar Bluff (P)
First Baptist, Versailles (S)
Evangel Baptist, Springfield (P)
First Baptist, Kirksville (P, S)
Hamilton Street Baptist, Kirksville (S)
Hazelwood Baptist Church, Hazelwood (R)
Ridgecrest Baptist, Springfield (R X 2)
First Baptist, Ferguson (C, S)
First Baptist, Dexter (P)
First Baptist, Cape Griadeau, (P)
First Baptist, Fair Play, (P)
Baldwin Baptist, Ballwin, (S)
Calvary Baptist, Republic (P,S)
First Baptist, Portageville (P)
First Baptist, Lebanon (R)
First Baptist, Forsythe (P)
Ochard Crest Baptist, Springfield (P,R)
First Baptist, Boaz (R )
Temple Baptist, Springfield (P,R)
First Baptist, Crane (P)
First Baptist, Bois D'arc
New Hope Baptist, Springfield

Emmanuel Baptist, Billings (P)

West Side Baptist, Omaha (S,P)

Temple Baptist, Sparkes (R)
First Baptist, Carlin (P)

New Mexico
Floyd Baptist, Floyd (R)

New York
Metropolitan Baptist, New York (P)
Trinity Baptist Church, Schenectady (P)

North Carolina
Biltmore Baptist, Asheville (P)
Merrimon Avenue Baptist, Asheville (P)
Kellum Baptist, Jacksonville (P)

Elyria Baptist, Elyria (R)
First Baptist, Waverly (P)
First Baptist, Groveport (P)
New Gettysburg Baptist, Dayton (P)
First Baptist, Dent (S)
Highland Baptist, Grove City (S)

Antioch Baptist, Eugene (R)
First Baptist, Madrus (R)
Highland Baptist, Hermiston (R)
Mill Park Baptist, Portland (R)
Parkrose Baptist, Portland (R)
Fairfield Baptist, Eugene (R)
University Park Baptist, Eugene (R)
First Baptist, North Bend (R)
First Baptist, Union Gap (R)
Four Square Gospel, Portland, (P)

Temple Baptist, York (P)
Memorial Baptist, Gettsburg (P, S)

South Carolina
First Baptist, Spartanburg (S,P)
Hampton Heights, Greenville (P)
Orville Baptist, Anderson (P)

Belmont Heights Baptist, Nashville (P)
Temple Baptist, Memphis (P)
Highland Heights Baptist, Memphis (P)
First Baptist, Jefferson City (P)
Corryton Baptist, Corryton (P)
Robertsville Baptist, Oak Ridge (P)
Central Baptist, Bearden (S)
South Seminole Baptist, Chattanooga (P, R)
First Baptist, Soddy Daisy (R)
Two Rivers Baptist, Nashville (S)
First Baptist, Gallatin (S)
First Baptist, Athens (P)
Brainerd Baptist, Chatanooga (P)
Oak Street Baptist, Elizabethton (P)
Union Baptist, Elizabethton (P)
Mars Hill Baptist, Knoxsville (R)
Wallace Memorial Baptist, Knoxsville (S)
North Knoxsville Baptist, Knoxsville (P)

First Baptist, Clebourne (R)
Second Baptist, Plainview (R)
Park Cities Baptist, Dallas (R)
First Baptist, Bryant (P)
Richland Hills Baptist, Richardson (P)
First Baptist, Big Springs (R)
First Baptist, Hereford (R)
First Baptist, Houston (S)
First Baptist, Dallas (S)
First Baptist, San Antonio (S)
First Baptist, Oak Cliff (S)
Miller Heights Baptist, (P)
South Main Baptist, Houston (S)
First Baptist, Boerne, (R)
Second Baptist, Houston (S)
Orange Baptist Church, Orange ( R)

Southeast Baptist, Salt Lake City (P)

First Baptist, Norton (R)
Kempsville Baptist, Virginia Beach (C)
London Bridge Baptist, Virginia Beach (C)
Columbia Baptist, Falls Church (S)
Fairfax Baptist, Fairfax (S)
Falmouth Baptist, Fairfax (S,P)
Second Baptist, Richmond (S)
Derbyshire Baptist, Richmond (S)
Grove Avenue Baptist, Richmond (S)

First Southern Baptist, Yakima (R)
First Baptist, Kennewick (R)
First Baptist, Benton City (R)
Chestnut Street Baptist, Ellensburg (R)
First Baptist, Lakewood (S)

West Virginia
Cross Lanes Baptist, Cross Lanes (P)
Fairlawn Baptist, Dunbar (S)

Midvale Baptist, Madison (R)


Major Creative Written Works: BooksWritten, Contributed to and Designed

Co-Writer Fearless – Living an Authentic Witness, LifeWay Resources, Nashville Tennessee, 1999.
Contributor, Good News for Youth: The Power to Change Lives, Scott, David. Nashville Tennessee, Convention Press, 1998.
Writer, "Winning Youth at Youth Ministry Events", Leading an Evangelistic Youth Ministry, Lifeway Resources, May 1999.
Contributor, Planning Youth Ministry - From Bootup to Exit, Planning for Revival with Youth Emphasis,
See You At The Pole, YouthReach Baptism Celebration, Time to Tell Witness Training / Experience,
Attendance at Youth Evangelism Conference, Convention Press, 1998.
Co-Compiler / Writer, The Notebook: A Disciple Youth Expereience, Convention Press, 1996.
Co-Writer, Who Keeps Calling, Youth Evangelism Office, Springfield, MO 1993; 50,000+ copies sold.
Co-Writer, Get It Together, Home Mission Board, Atlanta, GA. 1992; 30,000+ copies sold.
Co-Writer, Costly Commitment, Home Mission Board, Atlanta, GA. 1991; 30,000+ copies sold.
Writer, "Youth Discipleship and Evangelism," chapter in A Handbook for Youth Discipleship, Broadman Press, 1988, 5,000+ copies sold.
Writer, "Prayer and Fasting: A Basis for Ministry and Evangelism," chapter in Missions Retreats for Youth, Brotherhood Commission, Memphis Tennessee, 1988.
Compiler, Handbook for Youth Evangelism, Broadman Press Nashville, Tennessee, 1988; 5,000+ copies sold.
Writer, "Evangelizing Youth in the Class Room," chapter in Handbook for Youth Evangelism, Broadman Press Nashville, Tennessee, 1988.
Writer, "Building an Evangelistic Youth Ministry," chapter in Handbook for Youth Evangelism, Broadman Press Nashville, Tennessee, 1988.
Writer, Revisions DiscipleYouth I Leaders Guide, "Person to Person Witnessing Plan," 1988.
Writer, Revisions and Content included on Tabs for DiscipleYouth I Notebook, Convention Press, Nashville, Tennessee, 1988 .
Writer, "Have a Nice Life" Tract, Convention Press, Nashville, Tennessee, 1987.
Proposed, The New Connection: An Evangelistic Musical, Broadman Press, Nashville, Tennessee, 1987.
Proposed and Design Team Member, The New Connection: A Resource for Street Evangelism, Convention Press, Nashville, TN. 1987.
Compiler and Reviser, WOW Event Leader's Guide, Home Mission Board, Atlanta, Georgia, May 1986.
Compiler and Reviser, WOW Advance Leader's Guide, Home Mission Board, Atlanta, Georgia, May 1986.
Compiler and Reviser, WOW Advance Youth Bible Study Guide, Home Mission Board, Atlanta, Georgia, May 1986.
Writer, "Communicating the Gospel," DiscipleYouth II Notebook, Session Five, Convention Press, Nashville, TN., April 1985.
Writer, "My Gospel Message," DiscipleYouth II Notebook, Session Six, Convention Press, Nashville, Tennessee, April 1985.
Compiler and Writer, DiscipleYouth Bible, Evangelism Helps, Holman Bible, Nashville, Tennessee, 1985.
Writer, "Summer Outreach and Evangelism," Summer Youth Ministry Ideas, Convention Press, Nashville, Tennessee, 1985.
Proposed and Designer, Prayer for Spiritual Awakening, Student Manual, Youth Edition, Home Mission Board, Atlanta, GA. 1985.
Writer and Compiler, The Roman Road: A Witness Training Tool, Church Training Department, Baptist Sunday School Board, Nashville, TN., 1985.
Contributor, "Youth Ministry Glossary," Youth Ministry Planbook 3, 1985.
Writer, "The Revival Coordinator," Section Two, Promise of Life: Youth/Adult Partnership Revival Planbook, 1984.
Compiler, Promise of Life: Youth/Adult Partnership Revival Planbook, 1984. (HMB)
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Creative Works: Video Taping

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Program 1: Romans Chapter 3, 15 minutes
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Program 4: Romans Chapter 10, 15 minutes
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Creative Works: Audio Taping

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